There is no other place in the world that depicts real Punjabi village life, including the skills of a real carpenter, potter, carpet-weaver, farmer and tangewala. Sadda Pind is run so smoothly that one feels he has really been transported back into the 20th century!

Nadir Patel (Canada's High Commissioner to the Republic of India)

I had heard about the delicious sarson da saag, makki di roti and chhachh at Sadda Pind, but this place is much more than a restaurant. It is an entire pind that is always brimming with music, dance and merriment. Perfect place to visit with family and friends.

Malkit Singh (Punjabi Singer)

Sadda Pind is bustling with Punjabi energy. The culture of our forefathers and of Punjabi youth comes together perfectly at Sadda Pind. This is a very beautiful and a very real Pind!

Rana Ranbir (Punjabi Actor & Comedian)

Sadda Pind is a true representation of Zindadili and Punjabiyat. I feel honored to have been invited here, and I hope every pind in the country can be as neat and clean like Sadda Pind.

Remo D'Souza (Actor, Director, Producer & Choreographer)

The initiative to redesign an ancient Punjabi village is not only one-of-a-kind, but it is also a social service. The food at Sadda Pind is delicious, its decor is authentic, its management is professional, and its energy is spirited.

Shivdular Singh Dhillon (Deputy Commissioner Amritsar)

Sadda Pind is an experience. From the gates to the mela, it is a beautiful show of Punjabi tradition, even including blanket and carpet making. The makers of Sadda Pind have preserved our Punjabi virsa. May this place achieve global fame!

Shivdular Singh Dhillon (Deputy Commissioner Amritsar)

Sadda Pind is an experience. From the gates to the mela, it is a beautiful show of Punjabi tradition, even including blanket and carpet making. The makers of Sadda Pind have preserved our Punjabi virsa. May this place achieve global fame!

Gurpreet Ghuggi (Punjabi Actor & Comedian)

Many places around the world try to describe Punjabi culture and traditions, but none like Sadda Pind. This place is a must-visit for the old and the young both to live, eat and just enjoy!

Sudesh Lehri (Bollywood Actor & Comedian)

Sadda Pind is a gift to Punjab. More than any museum could, it is an opportunity to immerse into Punjabi life completely. It is a unique concept, which supports Punjab Tourism immensely.

NPS Randhawa (Director of Tourism, Punjab)

I have been very inspired by Sadda Pind. This place is an opportunity to attract more tourists in the country, especially Indian diaspora that wants to learn more about its roots. Sadda Pind beautifully describes Punjab and its lifestyle.

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (First Female of President Mauritius)

Sadda Pind shows that Punjabi culture goes beyond food and bhangra, and celebrates other art forms like phulkari and gatka. I congratulate the entire team of Sadda Pind for successfully capturing the essence of Punjab.

Shri S. S. Srivastava (Commissioner Police Amritsar)

Sadda Pind serves as a reminder of our heritage for our future generations. As it is located in the Holy City of Amritsar, it will become another attraction for tourists in the city.

Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh (Inspector General of Police)

I always remember my Punjabi heritage, I remember growing up with Punjabi traditions. But because of today's lifestyle and western culture, we have almost forgotten our culture. This is the place I had been searching for since a long time. Sadda Pind is an extremely important village resort that truly describes the beauty of our Punjab. Thank you very much to the Sadda Pind team. It is commendable that they reintroduced us to our own traditions and culture.

General J. J. Singh

Sadda Pind wonderfully promotes our Punjabi traditions. Not only the music and food, but also the handicrafts, dances and martial arts. Thank you to the team of Sadda Pind for doing a wonderful job every day! I would definitely like to visit this place again.

-Gippy Grewal

Sadda Pind is like a beautiful tree with its roots in Punjabi heritage, culture, and traditions. It bears its fruits in the perfect depiction of village life, entertaining performances by Punjabi artists, and the delicious food. One of the best places for real Punjabi food in Amritsar!

-Tarsem Jasser

"Asa nu mana watan da" The youth of our Punjab is forgetting its culture and traditions. Sadda Pind tries to strengthen our culture and with such love that I am thankful for it. It is always vibrant and spirited, and a perfect place to reminisce about my childhood.

-Harbhajan Maan

I was born a Punjabi, I know our Punjabi culture, our language, our food. My heart belongs to Punjab. That is why I can say with certainty that Sadda Pind is the perfect representation of Punjab. Small details of Punjabi villages have been incorporated so well. Every Punjabi should visit this place!

-Jassi Gill

Sadda Pind always has the real fragrance of Punjabi food, especially our traditional dish "sarson da saag te nal makki di roti". Coming to this place is like coming home.

-Jasbir Jassi

The art of Punjab is unique, lively, loud, colorful and beautiful. But I should not be worried that our traditions are disappearing, because Sadda Pind is keeping them alive in their full glory. There is something special about this place. I bless the entire team of Sadda Pind.

-Puran Chand Wadali

After coming to Sadda Pind, I felt like I have come to a real Punjabi pind. It provides an opportunity for everyone to learn about Punjabi culture and enjoy themselves eating, singing, dancing and playing games. The food was absolutely exquisite!

-Suniel Shetty

Sadda Pind shows the beauty of Punjab and Punjabis. Everything in this place is authentic – the performances, the delicious food, the local artists weaving phukari and carpets, the wedding rituals. I was pleased with the charm that this place has.

-Sargun Mehta

I remember the time when I was very young, we actually grew up playing in the mud. Sadda Pind is a nostalgic place for me. It is such a beautiful and genuine village, which indicates that we are once again appreciating our old traditions.

-Jordan Sandhu

The entire youth of Punjab should visit Sadda Pind, not just to enjoy the mela and games here, but also to learn about the history and heritage of their parents and grandparents. Thank you to the team of Sadda Pind for its hospitality and generosity. The bright colours and lovely sounds in this place are very rejuvenating to someone tired of city life.

-Sunanda Sharma

Sadda Pind is the liveliest village I have ever visited. This place beautifully and accurately describes our Punjabi traditions and culture, and is brimming with activities from the moment one enters its gates. The Sadda Pind team is doing great for its visitors.

-Simi Chahal