• Visit Farmer House and enjoy Chatti di Lassi, Makki di Roti and Sarson da saag.
  • Learn how to spin Charkha.
  • Visit Fulkari House and learn how to make Fulkari and try your hands making one.
  • Visit Nambardar House and learn how to Grind Flour using traditional hand grinder (Chakki).
  • Visit Weaver House to learn how to Weave.
  • Visit Weapon House and buy some traditional swords for memory.
  • Visit Wedding Hall to Experience a traditional Punjab Wedding celebrations.
  • Visit Sarpanch House and meet the village Head and he will brief you about his village.
  • Visit Paranda House and learn how to make Parandas and try your hands in making one.
  • Visit Musician House and listen to some classical Folk Music.
  • Get your memories clicked by Photographer (Chargeable).
  • Visit Zamindar Haveli to see how the village landlord used to live.
  • At Zamindar Haveli you can also join our ladies sangeet celebrations.
  • Visit to village post office.
  • Learn How popcorns are made on earthen oven.
  • Coachman House (Tonga Rider House).
  • Visit Hakim House and see how he prepares medicines (Ayurvedic Medicines).
  • Visit Potter House to learn the art of pottery and try your hands on it.
  • Visit Blacksmith House to see the art and try your hands on it .
  • Visit Carpenter House to see the art and try your hands on it.
  • Enjoy Traditional Folk Dances (Bhangra and Gidda).
  • Bolloon Seller (Chargeable).
  • Scissors and Knife sharpening.
  • Fun Games (Chargeable).
  • Fun Rides (Chargeable).
  • Tattoo Maker (Chargeable).
  • Have a Mehndi art and Hair styling done.
  • Pandit Ji (Chargeable).
  • Enjoy Traditional Puppet show.
  • Relive your childhood by playing Marbles (Kanche) or by flying Kites.
  • Show Your physical strength by taking part in Tug of War.
  • Enjoy a performance by Punjabi Baazigars
  • Enjoy Gatka Performance (Traditional Sikh Martial Arts).
  • Get a free Head Massage.
  • Participate in various games & activities.
  • See how a Magician weaves, magic around you.
  • Shopping complex for buying traditional Punjabi artifacts and souvenirs.
  • Biggest Cot in Punjab.
  • Enjoy Scrumptious traditional cuisine at Chayee Ji Da Vehra.


With Lunch/Dinner


Adult : Rs. 750/-

Children : Rs. 600/-*


We want all of you to be safe.
Thus, as a precautionary measure,
We have Closed down our activities till
30th April, 2021

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