Punjabi Culture - Traditions and Cultural Diversity of Punjab
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Punjabi Culture - Traditions and Cultural Diversity of Punjab

Punjabi Culture - Traditions and Cultural Diversity of Punjab

Posted Date: 11-08-2020 Posted By: Sadda Pind

Punjab- The Land of Five rivers is known for the Vibrant Culture and Jovial nature of its residents. Punjab & Punjabis are famous across the world for their rich culture, traditions, delicious food, and extravagant lifestyle. It is really a lifetime experience to visit this beautiful state. The people of Punjab are humble and immensely helpful. Their hospitality will definitely reach your heart. Punjabis are immensely proud of their religion, culture & tradition. They follow their religion strictly and celebrate all their festivals with great zeal & zest. Thus, if you are planning to visit Punjab, then you must be aware of these attributes of Punjab that makes it special.

People of Punjab and Punjabi Sabhyachar: The population of Punjab is divided into two communities: Khatri & Jat. They largely do farming, however, now with globalization, people of Punjab are including in trade as well. Apart from these two communities, a large number of Migrants who generally come from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar live in Punjab. These communities live together with harmony & peace for several decades.

Punjabi Food: The talk about Punjab is incomplete without mentioning the delicious and savouring dishes of Punjab. The Sarso Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti with dollops of Butter will make anyone drool over it. Butter Chicken and Lassi are also immensely popular dishes of Punjab. And if you have not tasted the special Kulcha Chole of Punjab, then you're going to regret it for long. Punjabis are known for their strong food habits. They love eating food. So while you are staying in Punjab don't forget to relish these delicious dishes.

Dresses in Punjabi Culture: Although you'll see spot youngsters wearing western clothes, however, the Traditional colourful Salwar and Kameez is largely being worn by women of Punjab. These suits have high embroidery work and are intricately designed that you'd be compelled to buy one for yourself. The men of Punjab wear Turban around their heads with great pride. Kurta is a traditional Punjabi dress for males and that which is a loose & baggy pyjama is worn on the lower portion. When it comes to footwear, Punjabis prefer to wear Jooti with heavy embroidery work.  This is the favourite footwear of both men and women of Punjab.

Folk Dances of Punjab: The Folk dance of Punjab is Bhangra and Gidda which is hugely popular not only in Punjab but in other states of India as well & abroad. In fact, Punjabi's are often requested to show some Bhangra & Gidda steps. Bhangra has been performed in Punjab for several centuries. The farmers would perform Bhangra to welcome the harvest season. Gidda, Sammi and Luddhi are other popular dance forms of Punjab.

Language and Religions: The mother tongue is largely spoken & used in official work in Punjabi. The locals of Punjab prefer Punjabi to communicate with each other. However, they are well aware of Hindi and if you speak Hindi or English people will understand and communicate efficiently with you. Some popular dialects of Punjab are Dhabi, Ghebi, Malwai, Pahari, Shahpuri, Rachnavi, Hindko.