Sadda Pind - Amazing Place To Experience The Village Life of Punjab
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Sadda Pind - Amazing Place To Experience The Village Life of Punjab

Sadda Pind - Amazing Place To Experience The Village Life of Punjab

Posted Date: 22-07-2021 Posted By: Sadda Pind

The popular saying is, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," and when in Punjab, do as the Punjabis do.

And what exactly Punjabis do?

Well, Punjabis eat, dance and party like there is no tomorrow. They are known for their unique and joyful nature, and the same can be experienced at Sadda Punjab, Amritsar.

This nature of Punjabis is well described and inspired by a great old Punjabi Poet Baba Waris Shah. He said about the spirit of Punjab, "Khada Peeta Wahy Da, Baqi Ahmad Shahe Da”. It means, that one should EatAndDrink of whatever one possesses, as everything else would be looted by Ahmad Shah in Future.

If you wish to experience the Village Life of Punjab with the vibrant Punjabi cuisine, then Sadda Pind, Amritsar is the best place. It is a Traditional Punjabi Cultural Village along with a fine dining and rich heritage experience.

About Sadda Pind 

Amritsar, the city of the Golden Temple, is also the soul of lively Punjabi heritage and culture. Known for its vivacious people, lush farms, and lip-smacking food, Amritsar captures the true vibrance of Punjab. In the age of rapid urbanization, where the idyllic essence of villages is eroding day by day, Sadda Pind stands tall as a true replica of Punjab’s centuries-old traditions and culture, creating an opportunity for the urban populace to experience the peaceful and rustic life of the past. 

At a distance of about 455 km from New Delhi, and just 10 km from the Golden Temple, this traditional cultural village is spread over 12 acres along GT Road, en route the Wagah-Attari Border. Sadda Pind is the State Government’s ambitious ‘Heritage Village’ project, in association with Guru Nanak Dev University. 

Sadda Pind is an ideal one-stop destination for tourists and visitors to indulge in Punjab’s original rural culture. Untouched by modernity and the mindless cacophony of metros, the Pind helps one recount the zestful yet simplistic culture of the pre-1950 era. Women weaving on the spinning wheel, artisans showcasing folk handicrafts, men and women dancing the Bhangra & Giddha, families feasting on traditional Punjabi food inside the premises and other everyday festivities create a panoramic view of Punjab from seven decades ago. 

They welcome and attend to their guests with enthusiasm, and the Punjabi custom of serving guests with warmth and fervor is reflected in their hospitality. Associated with the company since its inception and well-versed with the concept, with most of them belonging to neighboring Punjabi villages, the zeal of the employees contributes to transporting the guests back in time. Due to its uniqueness of concept and the authenticity in its portrayal, Sadda Pind has scored huge popularity in a short span of time not only across the nation but also among foreign tourists. 

Sadda Pind is the bridge that reconnects people of India, especially Punjabis, to their roots and offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to others to learn about Punjab's rich culture. For offering this unparalleled experience to tourists, Trip Advisor has also honored Sadda Pind with its Excellence Award.

Essential details about Sadda Pind, Amritsar 


Behind Guru Nanak Dev University, Main Bypass Road, Amritsar - 143105, India


10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Ticket Timings 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. Entry fee

Adult: Rs. 850/-

Children: Rs. 700/