10 Things We Should Learn From Sikhism
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10 Things We Should Learn From Sikhism

10 Things We Should Learn From Sikhism

Posted Date: 15-04-2020 Posted By: Sadda Pind

If we turn to history, we will see how Sikh religious leaders sacrificed and protected others. Even if we take up arms, it is not on the unarmed and the weak, but on those who have forgotten humanity.

Today we are going to tell you 10 such things of Sikhism which is an inspiration for the whole world.


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is one such text which has been given the title of 11th Guru. It in itself holds the talk of all religions and religious texts. Whenever any difficulty or problem arises, then it is overcome by mere remembrance of Gurbani.


For all people, whether they are followers of any religion, upper caste or lower caste, rich or poor, all have to sit together and taste the same prasad. The langar of the gurudwara is a place where all discrimination ends and we see only humanity. Nobody goes hungry here - the gates of the langar of the Gurudwara are always open for 24 hours.

Service or Help

In Sikhism, serving is considered as the worship of God. If you go and see any of the gurudwaras, then the rich people will be seen washing your dirty clothes. Shoe houses (where shoe slippers are kept) are raised and polished with their hands. And all this selfless service is a way of devotion to that Supreme Father Waheguru.


If you talk about sacrifice, then in Sikhism you will find countless examples which will be seen giving a new example of sacrifice. Whether it was Shri Guru Arjun Dev Singh Ji, who died martyred on a hot pan or Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji who gave the sacrifice of his father, his four sons and his mother for the protection of religion.


You will get a clear glimpse of a complete diet in their food - which is nutritious as well as delicious. And the lassi here is famous all over the world.

Self Defense

They always keep a Kirpan for self-defence. This sabre is not meant to harm anyone, but to protect oneself and the weak. There is complete knowledge of weapons education.

Laughing Nature

People of Sikhism are always laughing. No matter how much misfortune comes to them, their face always appears laughing. They are in very happy moods. Not every human has the ability to laugh at himself, but in almost every 'Sardarji' you will see this quality.