Sadda Pind - Best Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Amritsar, Punjab
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Sadda Pind - Best Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Amritsar, Punjab

Sadda Pind - Best Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Amritsar, Punjab

Posted Date: 31-05-2021 Posted By: Sadda Pind

The couples are made in heaven, and marriages are the ways to bound them on earth for this and beyond this birth. The most imperative part of every marriage is the photoshoots, especially pre-wedding photoshoots. The main motive of these photoshoots is to gain memories for the couple, keep them reminding how their bonds are bound and how they feel about each other every day.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are also a way for a couple to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Every city has some unique places which remind a couple of their special moments, and this shoot may be a way for them to live their special moments once again. If we talk about Amritsar, then Sadda Pind is one of the best places for a Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Amritsar. In this blog, we will share what makes this place so unique and why you should choose it.

About Sadda Pind

Sadda Pind is a village museum that highlights Punjabi culture and the old rustic time of Punjab with its village lifestyle. The entire museum is spread over 12 acres, and it is just one of the most breathtaking locations around Amritsar.

This location is one of the perfect Pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Amritsar because it offers the best hospitality across the town. Still, the thing is that the backdrops at Sadda Pind will give you a rich feel. The customized villages are laced with various astonishing places such as mud houses, the scenes being decorated with children climbing the trees, and lassi being churned are just incredible in one word.

This is one of the perfect Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Amritsar due to its environment and cultural exposure. The best idea is to dress up in Punjabi traditional dresses like Kurta Pajama (for men) and Punjabi salwar suit or Patiala suit (for women). The entire place has multiple locations that help make pre-wedding photos and films exciting as well as fun.

Why is Sadda Pind the Best Pre-wedding Location in Punjab?

Sadda Pind has many locations, activities and experiences that you can add to your pre-wedding shoot. These locations also provide adversity to the photographer to help him or her makes a shoot filled with fun and excitement. Let's find out which activities or locations are available at this place to make your pre-wedding shoot unique.

Cultural and Heritage Locations

Sadda Pind will give you the experience of living in the old times without going back. If we count on various cultural locations then you will see various fascinating locations that include old houses, old-style bikes (Bambukat), Manji, Dhaba, Chakki, Trali, Farms (Khet), Chula, old-style shops, etc. So, you can pose in these locations and fill your pre-wedding shoot with lots of nostalgic and retro memories.

Exciting Rides

If you want to take the feel of royalty and simplicity at the same time in your pre-wedding shoot then this place is your destination. Camel ride and horse ride will let you add a royal touch in your shoot. And nostalgic old-styled Pangura (Giant Wheel) riding is one of the best things to add a simple touch to your shoot.

Traditional Activities

Culture and tradition are those things of our life that keep us connected to our roots. And if you don't show your culture in your shoot then what fun and proud to be a Punjabi. Sadda pind is the best place for a Pre-wedding shoot in Punjabi Style. You can dress up like a giddha girl and bhangra boy to get a glimpse of the traditional folk in your photos and shoots. You also have options to include puppet shows, 80’s film-watching machines, bioscope shows, live Mehandi art, etc. This living museum has lots of things for you that will be the Best Place for pre-wedding shoots in Punjab.

Fun Games

Every Punjabi traditional photoshoot is incomplete without the touch of mela. So, Sadda pind is here with the touch of mela through its fun games. These games will help you to add excitement and naughty or fun elements to your shoot. These fun games include balloon shooting, bowling in traditional style, Matka games, and traditional archery. Photographers can include them in the shoot in a very creative way and give your shoot the feel of mela.

Dining Area

After too much fun if you haven’t eaten in your shoot then you may feel low and exhausted. The dining area of Sadda pind is not like restaurants. This place again has a twist. Sadda Pind offers a traditional way of dining. These traditional places include Chayee Ji Ka Vehra and the Dhaba at Sadda Pind. You can shoot at these dining places and spend some cozzy & loveable moments here. Manji and traditional style make this place fascinating and best for people who want to shoot at the best Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Amritsar.

Tips for your pre-wedding shoot

If you get the best Pre-wedding shoot location in Punjab you must also have to take care of a few things that will help you to avoid any on the spot crisis. So, here are some of the tips to can consider avoiding any complication:

● Find an experienced pre-wedding shoot photographer or videographer.
● Always check with Sadda Pind prior to the availability of the location.
● Discuss your budget with the manager of Sadda Pind and crack the best deal.
● Get outfits that match with the theme of the Sadda pind to give your shoot a perfect look.
● You can also get some holding or banners with you or use them available at Sadda Pind to make your shoot more unique.


These are the nostalgic places of Sadda Pind to turn your ordinary pre-wedding shoot into a dreamy and magical one. Now it's up to your ideas and your photographer’s creativity to make your shoot exciting, romantic and full of life. We assure you that you will enter here for the planned shoot but will leave with lots of memories and special moments. This place will give you the best traditional scenic backdrop for a Pre-wedding shoot in Amritsar.

If you know some other marvellous ideas for this Pre-wedding photoshoot location in Amritsar, let us know in the comment section below.