Magician's Art to Create Wonder
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Magician's Art to Create Wonder

Magician's Art to Create Wonder

Posted Date: 27-01-2020 Posted By: Sadda Pind

We sometimes experience something that is a little different, a little surprising but leaves a mind-blowing experience in our mind. Magic is an art that changes our quick expressions

They get our attention and we don't really know what they are doing.

Magic is neither the cleanliness of the hands nor the deception of the eyes, it is the cleverness of the mind. The hands of magicians work faster than our eyes and your mind. So we do not understand it very well and it feels like magic.

When a person does not understand something, he considers it magic or God. But in reality, whatever is best in their respective field, there is magic inside it and that magician.

What is Magic?

Magic is a type of art that has entertained people over the years, although it is one of the most mysterious arts.

Categories of Influence

There is a discussion among magicians as to how to classify an effect and there is disagreement as to which categories actually exist — for example, some magicians consider "penetrance" to be a separate category, while others "Penetration" is considered a form of precession or teleportation. 

“A magician is not a magician because he knows tricks, he is a magician because he does the tricks”

  • The magician generates something out of nothing — a rabbit from an empty hat, a card fan from the air, a shower of coins from an empty bucket, a pigeon from a pot, or the magician himself in a pool of smoke on an empty platform.

  • The magician disappears something - a coin, a pigeon cage, milk from a clasp, a helper from a cabinet, or even a Statue of Liberty. Disappearing is the opposite of construction, the same type of technique can be used, but the opposite.

  • The magician changes an object from one state to another - the color of a silk handkerchief changes, a woman transforms into a leopard, any card becomes the audience's choice card. A change can be seen as a combination of disappearance and creation.

  • The magician destroys an object, then restores it to its original state - a rope is cut, a newspaper is torn, a woman is cut into two pieces, a sought-after watch is torn to pieces It is given - then all of them are restored to their original state.

  • The magician sends an object from one place to another - a sought-after ring comes out of a fleece, a canary bird comes out of the light bulb, the assistant in a cabinet comes out of the back of the theater. When two objects change positions, it is called substitution: at the same time, double remittance.

  • The magician (a helper may participate, but usually the magician himself participates) is locked in a restraining device (i.e., handcuffs or in a box or in a death trap and escapes safely. 

  • The magician defies gravity, floating an object in the air, or with the help of another object (suspending) - a silver ball floats around a cloth, a helper floats in the middle of the air, Another hangs with a broom, a scarf dances in a closed bottle, the magician rises a few inches above the ground. 

  • The magician inserts a solid object into another - the steel rings are joined together, then separated, a candle goes inside the arm, a sword crosses the assistant sitting in the basket. A salt pan reaches down from the top of the table, a man walks through the mirror. It is sometimes referred to as "solid to solid".

Many magical processes use a combination of effects. For example, sometimes a magician can disappear, create, dispatch or replace as part of a presentation. You can experience various types of magic activities in Sadda Pind and make your trip amazing and memorable.