9 Best Tourist Places in Amritsar for a Family Vacation
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A Journey Through 9 Best Tourist Places in Amritsar, Punjab: Your Perfect Itinerary for a Family Vacation

A Journey Through 9 Best Tourist Places in Amritsar, Punjab: Your Perfect Itinerary for a Family Vacation

Posted Date: 23-01-2024 Posted By: Sadda Pind

Welcome to Amritsar, a city that seamlessly weaves together spirituality, history, and cultural richness. An intricate blend of traditions, flavors, and warm hospitality makes Amritsar a standout destination for travelers seeking an authentic and immersive experience. Beyond iconic landmarks, Amritsar's soulful streets offer the rhythms of everyday life, vibrant markets, and a warm spirit that collectively defines the city's unique allure. Join us on this journey to discover the best tourist places in Amritsar in their unfiltered splendor – a place where history, culture, and charm converge to create an unforgettable tourist experience.

  1. Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib):

The crown jewel of Amritsar, the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, stands as a testament to Sikhism's spiritual and architectural brilliance. The temple, adorned with gold leaf, is surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar, creating mesmerizing reflections. Pilgrims and visitors alike are drawn to the serenity of this place of worship.

Timing: The Golden Temple is open 24 hours, offering a unique experience at any time.

Etiquette: Respect Sikh customs – cover your head, and maintain a quiet and reverent demeanor.

Entry Fee: NA

Langar (Community Kitchen): Partake in the communal meal (langar) offered at the temple, by eating there or volunteering to serve; it is a humbling and heartwarming experience.

  1. Sadda Pind:

Sadda Pind is a captivating living museum that transports you to the heart of traditional Punjabi village life. Since its opening in 2016, this cultural gem has been a portal to the authenticity and simplicity of rural Punjab. Engage with locals dressed in traditional attire, try your hand at pottery or phulkari-weaving, and sway to lively folk dances – a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of Punjabi village life. The cultural vibrancy extends to live music performances and storytelling sessions, creating an atmosphere that celebrates the true spirit of Punjab's rich heritage.

Timing: 10:30 AM-10:00 PM

Experience Village Life: Interact with locals dressed in traditional attire and engage in activities like pottery, magic shows, and folk dances.

Savor Punjabi Cuisine: Enjoy a scrumptious Punjabi meal with authentic flavors at Sadda Pind's village-themed restaurant (dhaba).

Attend Cultural Performances: Immerse yourself in cultural vibrancy with live music, dance performances, and storytelling sessions.

Shop for Handicrafts: Explore the market within Sadda Pind for handcrafted souvenirs, textiles, and traditional artifacts.

Experience Best Lodging Services: Book your stay in a Standard Room, Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, or Maharaja Suite for an exquisite cultural immersion in a traditional setting.  

Entry Fee: Rs. 850/- (for adults) and Rs. 700/- (for children of up 4 feet)

  1. Jallianwala Bagh:

While Amritsar's history is marked by moments of joy, it also bears witness to tragedies such as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. A visit to Jallianwala Bagh is a poignant experience. The memorial within the garden serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made during a dark chapter in Indian history, including historical bullet marks embedded in the walls of the garden and adjacent houses.

Timing: 09:30 AM-05:30 PM

Guided Tours: Consider hiring a local guide to gain deeper insights into the historical significance of Jallianwala Bagh.

Evening Visit: Visit in the evening at 6:00 PM for a light-and-sound show that brings the events of the past to life.

Entry Fee: NA

  1. Wagah Border:

For a dose of patriotism and an unforgettable spectacle, head to the Wagah Border. Here, the retreat ceremony takes place daily, where the Indian Border Security Force and the Pakistani Rangers come face to face, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The spirit of crowd makes it one of the best tourist places in Punjab.

Timing: Ceremony Time – 04:15 PM (in Winter) and 05:15 PM (in Summer)

Arrive Early: Secure a good spot by arriving early as the ceremony attracts a large crowd.

Interaction: Engage with the lively crowd, women and children are invited to dance in front of the Gate, and the whole crowd feels patriotic fervor during the ceremony.

Entry Fee: NA

  1. Durgiana Temple:

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the Durgiana Temple, often referred to as the Silver Temple, is a significant Hindu place of worship. Its architecture, reminiscent of the Golden Temple, adds to the city's religious diversity.

Timing: 06:00 AM-10:00 PM

Festivals: Visit during Hindu festivals for a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Entry Fee: NA

  1. Partition Museum:

To holistically understand the impact of the Partition of India, a visit to the Partition Museum is essential. This poignant museum narrates the stories of those who lived through the turbulent times, providing a sobering glimpse into history, also showcasing personal, valuable items that people brought back from Pakistan.

Timing: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday) (Closed on Mondays)

Audio Guides: Opt for audio guides to get detailed narratives of the exhibits.

Allow Time: Set aside sufficient time to absorb the emotional impact of the museum.

Entry Fee: Free entry for now!

  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum:

For a journey back in time, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum at Lawrence Road, Company Bagh, Amritsar, offers a collection of artifacts, paintings, and personal belongings of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founder of the Sikh Empire. It is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone seeking to relive the grandeur of Punjab's past. With its well-curated exhibits and immersive storytelling, the museum stands as a fitting tribute to the legacy of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Timing: 10:00 AM-05:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday) (Closed on Mondays)

Photography: Capture the exhibits but be mindful of the museum's photography guidelines.

Multilingual Guides: Look for multilingual guides to enhance your understanding of the artifacts.

Entry Fee: Rs. 40/- for adults, Rs. 20/- for children over 5 and free for children below 5

  1. Punjab State War Heroes Memorial and Museum:

Opened in October 2016, the Punjab State War Heroes Memorial and Museum commemorates the bravery of those who stood tall during crucial moments in India's journey, from the times of the sixth Guru to the Kargil operations. Spanning across 3 ha, the museum showcases a seamless blend of traditional and modern architecture. Its centerpiece, a soaring 45-meter stainless steel sword, symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Punjabi people. The memorial, surrounded by water and adorned with the names of around 3500 martyrs, serves as a poignant reminder of their sacrifices.

Timing: 10:00 AM-05:00 PM

Galleries and Exhibits: Explore 8 galleries narrating tales of valor from the pre-British period to post-independent India, and  stunning visuals of the retired MiG-23 aircraft carrier ship, the INS Vikrant, and three tanks.

Interactive Experience: Watch the unique light and sound show in the 7D auditorium, adding a sensory dimension to the tribute

Entry Fee: Rs. 100/- Per Person

  1. Hall Bazaar:

Last, but not the least, no visit to Amritsar is complete without exploring the vibrant Hall Bazaar. A bustling market inside the Hall Gate, Amritsar, the Hall Bazaar offers a delightful shopping experience with traditional Punjabi handicrafts, textiles, and local snacks.

Timing: 09:00 AM-07:00 PM

Bargaining: Feel free to bargain while shopping for local handicrafts and textiles.

Local Cuisine: Try local snacks and delicacies available in the bazaar.

Entry Fee: NA 


Aren’t these the best tourist places in Amritsar that offer a truly enriching travel experience? Whether you seek moments of reflection at the Golden Temple, witness the vibrant Wagah Border ceremony, experience the traditional Punjabi village culture at Sadda Pind, or delve into the city's past at museums and forts, Amritsar leaves an indelible mark on every visitor. As you explore the city's treasures, you will find yourself immersed in the essence of Punjab – a land where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. Hence, plan your trip today with your family and friends